About Us

As their kids headed off to college, two sisters, Judy and Pat, decided to start a business to fill their empty nest. They converted a guest house in Pat’s back yard into a commercial kitchen and started cooking and in 1990, their first product was born – Sweet & Hot Jalapenos (or Sweet Hots, as they liked to call them)… jalapenos with a spicey but sweet twist. Sampling the product by pouring over a simple brick of cream cheese and serving on crackers was all it took to get their customers demanding MORE! Customers loved it because not only it was super easy for a quick appetizer, but also it was super tasty. Turns out, it is our number one selling product! Through the years additional products were added to the brand and we’re pretty sure you’ll get hooked on them too.

Today the tradition is carried on by the new owner, Susan Long. Susan wanted to make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy the Tastes of the Southwest, so we have added on-line shopping so you can purchase right here in case your local retailer doesn’t carry our products (you might tell them they should). We recommend sending these products as gifts to your friends and family, near and far!

We look forward to hearing from you!